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Click here for a demo for SOC system

Click here for a demo for SOC system
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Why I chose Send Out Cards as a business

Why I chose Send Out Cards as a business
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Send out Cards is free to join

Send out Cards is free to join
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WE HAVE RAVING FANS from all professions!

I’ve been a Real Estate Professional for over 10 years and SendOutCards has had the BEST impact on building and sustaining relationships with my contacts, clients and referral partners. Thank you SOC! S. Ann- Valparaiso, IN Realtor

My new salesman made over $12k at our dealership in November and over 70% of it came from referrals. B. Towers-Kalamazoo, MI Car Dealer

I reached out to a new acquaintance just to say thank you and that it was nice to connect and I ended up receiving this message; “Thank you so much for the card and brownies. This definitely raises you above all others. Thanks for being so thoughtful, considerate and especially helpful. By the way my wife loves it too!” L. Shuping-Rockwell, NCPersonal

We put 15 homes under contract from November 1st to December 15th 2015, 100% of this new business came from referrals from using SendOutCards and because of it, we’ll be earning $60,000 in commissions, just like that!  G. Zientek-Portage, MI Realtor

I just received my card and neat! When I opened the card I almost cried looking at my beautiful baby girl. I’m busy today but will get in touch with you tomorrow to l
learn more about this. Thank you! I not only ate one brownie, but both of them! Yum M. Ramanathan-Pittsuburg, PA Personal

WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOC? YES IT’S SOC’S FAULT WE ARE SELLING SO MANY CARS! Never have we sold so many cars in one month purely off of referrals. This changes everything for our business! Plug clients into a campaign and send a thank you with brownies and that’s it! B. Beeler-Kalamazoo, MI Car Dealer

Because of our efforts with SendOutCards, we are the go-to restoration company in Orange County. Agents who refer us see an increase in their leads too, because we make the agent look amazing with our SendOutCards approach! K. Schilling- San Clemente, CA Small Business Owner

I sent old clients the “I Am Just Thinking Of You” cards. I received 4 new jobs as well as 2 referrals from their friends.  H. Malki- Oakville, ON Small Business Owner

Sign up today for free and only pay for what you

I just received a wonderful and unexpected gift! You are too sweet and kind to remember me on my birthday. It was so beautifully put together. Randy and I will enjoy the brownies tonight. Thank you so much friend! C. Steward-Rockford, IL Personal

I was up against 3 other contractors to revamp a heritage home in a medical building. Because of SendOutCards, I won the bid, which was one of my biggest contracts to date. AMAZING. I am building a stronger referral-based business with SendOutCards. H.Malki-Oakville, ON Small Business Owner

Today I received a check for $8600 which is 50% of the total commission from a new home sale. I sent out 100 cards to the neighborhood surrounding my listing and met a client who I help to find a new home! Total cost of campaign $200...SOC rocks for Realtors ! G. Allen - Henderson, NV Realtor

Today we received 2 buyer referrals, 2 listing referrals, wrote an offer, and have 5 homes under contract. Did I mention it’s November in Michigan? That is not when real estate business normally gets hopping! G. Zientek - Portage, MI Realtor

Send Out Cards

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