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Click here for a demo for SOC system

Click here for a demo for SOC system
Everyone can use this tool at home or work

Why I chose Send Out Cards as a business

Why I chose Send Out Cards as a business
This tells the whole story

Replace your current income with SOC's

Send out Cards is free to join

Send out Cards is free to join
Only pay for what you send

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Welcome To Send Out Cards

Hello ! I am in search of people ready to get started with SOC's This is an easy system to refer to others in addition to using it for yourself. Simply ask people if it's meaningful for them to be able to keep in contact with people regularly with a personal touch.

Send Out Cards provides busy business owners and individuals the ability to send highly - personalized cards for customer follow - up, thank you's, birthday, announcements, or to send a "just because" card of encouragements, to someone who may need it! Share with them how SendOutCards

allows them to send automated, personalized greeting cards through the real mail straight from their
computer or smart phone!

I invite you to take 15 minutes to go get your own free SOC website at and you can go to our team website ,

watch the short video and send a free card to try it out! The more gift accounts you give, the more people will view this wonderful tool and want to use it for themselves or their business. Let me know if I can help in any way!

Some great business to contact:

- Medical/Health Practitioners

- Pet Groomers
- Assisted Living Facilities
- Spas and Salons
- Real-Estate Agents
- Mortgage Brokers
- Concierge Businesses
- Property Sales/Rental Offices
- Restaurants
- Advertising Executives
- Financial Planners
- Mary Kay Consultants
- Travel Business Reps
- Fitness Trainers and Gyms
- Churches and Synagogues
- Wedding/Event Planners
- Private Schools/Day Care
- Landscapers, Dry Wallers
- Photographers
- Home Builders/Architects
This list can go on for ever, there is't one person or business that cannot use this system and have fun doing so all while making some extra income on the side.
Please contact me at 1-800-327-1846 or 
Just Jump In!!

Warmest regards,


SendOutCards is operating in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand ,Ireland and

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